Rafi sahib’s voice was wonderful, but his heart was also wonderful and wonderful.

I cannot think nor can anyone know why Mohammad Rafi had a constant and almost divine smile on his face, sometimes even in the most difficult and difficult situations. His smile followed him to his grave (the shroud), when the sky was in tears with millions of people The day he died (July 31, 1981), his body was dormant but his smile was still alive, of life. One such fact which is confusing the minds of people till date.

Rafi sahab always kept his family and especially the women of his family away from film parties, events and functions! He had nothing against the people and the industry, but he preferred to spend time with his wife and children, rather than wasting his time at parties, where he said that people only gossip about those people. There are those who did not exist and used to bring down people and their characters. He was a staunch Muslim, but he wanted his children to study in convent schools.

He was never insecure about money, because as he said, ‘Money keeps coming and going, but human destiny is always with you’. He was asked to sing a song for actor Chandrashekhar’s film “Street Singer” and sang all the songs of the film without charging Chandrashekhar a rupee. When he went abroad for the first time, he decided to buy gifts for Chandrashekhar and his family. When Chandrashekhar’s daughter got married, Rafi Sahab stood with Chandrashekhar to receive the guests. If it weren’t for friendship, I don’t know what friendship means.


Sahil Kothari

Sahil Kothari is a Senior Journalist at youthistaan.com Follow him on twitter @sahilkothari21
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