Queen’s final journey begins

London. Four days after the death of Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II, her funeral procession began on Sunday. His funeral will take place on Monday 19 September. The Queen’s coffin has been moved from Balmoral to Edinburgh. The six-hour journey started with simplicity. Four days later, the visit will end at a grand state funeral at Westminster Abbey in London. The last time Sir Winston Churchill was cremated in Britain was in 1965.

The Queen’s coffin has been kept at St Giles’ Church in Edinburgh, where the public will be able to pay homage to her. After this, people will pay their tribute to him for four full days at Westminster Hall in London. King Charles will also be in many programs during this period. He will also visit political and civic leaders in Northern Ireland and Wales, as well as attending his mother’s mourning tour in Scotland.

Prince Charles was officially declared the new King of Britain on Saturday. This was announced at a meeting of the Privy Council at St James’s Palace. Now he will be called as Maharaja Charles III. Charles inherited his father’s title, Duke of Cornwall. In such a situation, his wife Camilla, will now be called Duchess of Cornwall. The Privy Council consists of senior parliamentarians, senior civil servants, the Commonwealth High Commissioner and the Lord Mayor of London.

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