Putin warns of nuclear attack

moscow, Despite Russia’s attack on Ukraine, more than two months later, there is no sign of an end to the war. On the contrary, Russia has now warned of a nuclear attack. Russian President Vladimir Putin has threatened Western countries with a nuclear attack. Putin was referring to the Intercontinental Ballistic Missile Sarmat. It is being speculated for the last few days.

Addressing Russian lawmakers in St. Petersburg on Wednesday, Putin pointed to the Ukraine war and said – if anyone intends to interfere in what is happening outside, they should know that Russia will not tolerate it at all. . We will respond with lightning fast and lethal means to anyone who threatens Russia. The Russian President further said – We have all the necessary weapons for this. We also have weapons that no one else can boast of. We don’t want to boast about them, but we will use them.

Putin said that Russia will not hesitate to use nuclear weapons if countries that interfere in Ukraine threaten us. Putin did not directly mention nuclear weapons, but he was referring to the new Sarmat two nuclear missile. Russia has successfully test-fired this intercontinental ballistic missile a few days ago. Russia claims that this missile can hit any target in the world.

Bikram Singh Sidhu

Advocate Bikram Singh Sidhu is a Senior Journalist at who covers latest trending, politics, business, technology news and updates.
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