Putin adamant on continuing the war

Moscow / Kyiv. attack on ukraine 46Russian President Vladimir Putin has refused to stop the war for the day. He has bluntly said that the war will continue and that Russia will achieve its military campaign goals. President Putin also warned the US and European countries on Tuesday and said that Moscow cannot be isolated. Such an attempt will fail.

Putin said- Russia can take a long leap even in difficult situations. Putin also said with full confidence that the Russian military operation in Ukraine would certainly achieve its goals. Putin, who arrived at the Vostochny Space Center far from Moscow, said that a special military operation in Ukraine is necessary, Because America was using this country to threaten Russia. He said- This campaign was also necessary to save Russian speaking people from persecution in Ukraine.

Point to be noted is that 24 In February, Russia invaded Ukraine. Since then Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has continued. On the other hand, in protest against this attack, many countries including America and European countries have imposed many restrictions on Russia. Despite these restrictions, Russia’s military operation continues. He has bombed many cities in Ukraine. It is estimated that Russia will be completely occupied by the city of Mariupol, which was devastated by the Russian attack.

Bikram Singh Sidhu

Advocate Bikram Singh Sidhu is a Senior Journalist at who covers latest trending, politics, business, technology news and updates.
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