Punjab’s victory campaign in UP

Just as Prime Minister Narendra Modi campaigned for the victory of Uttar Pradesh and three other states in Gujarat, in the same way the Aam Aadmi Party will campaign for the victory in Punjab in Uttar Pradesh. The party has announced to hold a road show in Uttar Pradesh. Apart from this, after Holi, there will be a meeting of party leaders in Lucknow, in which the results will be reviewed. Keep in mind that AAP’s performance in Uttar Pradesh has been very poor. Then Union Minister Smriti Irani attacked AAP saying that it has got less votes than NOTA in UP. Still the party will campaign for the victory of Punjab there.

It is being told that in view of the preparations for the Lok Sabha elections to be held after two years, AAP has planned this campaign. According to informed sources in the AAP, like the BJP, the AAP has also started preparations for the 2024 Lok Sabha elections. Before that, the party is increasing its strength and organization base so that if an alliance of opposition parties is formed for the Lok Sabha elections, then it will get an important place in it and get more seats. Therefore the party will promote the Delhi and Punjab model in different states.

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