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It is okay to go to the public with the message of giving up hatred. But ‘we two, our two’ What option does Rahul Gandhi have for the political economy? After all, people will ask, what is the strategy of Congress to counter this?

Rahul Gandhi’s speech at the Halla Bol rally on the inflation of Congress again showed that he is one of the few politicians who have a solid understanding of the character of India’s political economy today. Some time ago he expressed this understanding in the phrase ‘we two, our two’. This time he added the important point that haters do only those who are afraid. Therefore, an atmosphere of fear has been created in the country so that people hate each other and divert their attention from the real problems of the country. He has been talking about the possession of the ruling party on all the institutions in the past. This time he kept his point in a more aggressive manner. The relevance of the path he has thought of in the midst of this occupation cannot be denied – that is, now going directly to the public. From Wednesday, Rahul Gandhi will step in this path. How long, how difficult and how risky this journey will be, it cannot be fully estimated right now.

But a question does arise at this point. That is, it is okay to carry the message of giving up hatred among the public, but what is the alternative to the political economy of ‘Hum Do Hamare Do’ with Rahul Gandhi? After all, when they will talk about this political economy, people will ask that what is the thinking and strategy of the Congress to counter it? It is often said that such understandings and choices emerge in the course of experimentation. History is replete with such examples. So raising this question does not mean questioning the relevance of Rahul Gandhi’s visit. Rather, the purpose behind this is to warn him and his party that if they do not show the vision to think about alternatives and limit this campaign to the name of bringing back the old era or saving something, then it will not fulfill the expectations which They are going to start a long walk of 3,500 km.

Shubham Bangwal

Shubham Bangwal is a Senior Journalist at You can follow him on Twitter @sb_0fficial
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