Production of iPhone 13 started in India, customers can get the phone at a lower price

iPhone 13 Production: There is good news for the iPhone lovers living in India. The company has started trial production of iPhone 13 series in India. According to the report, soon the company will also start commercial production of the iPhone 13 series in India. The iPhone prepared here will be sold in countries other than India as well. Let us understand in detail what is the whole matter.

Commercial production expected by 2022

According to a report, Apple’s contract manufacturer Foxconn has started trial production of iPhone 13 at its plant in Chennai. The plant currently produces the iPhone 11 and iPhone 12. Now Apple is preparing to make iPhone 13 here as well. In this episode, this trial is being done. It has been told that to make the iPhone 13 here, the company has managed the chip even after the shortfall. Commercial production is also expected to start here from 2022. Let us tell you that apart from iPhone 11 and iPhone 12, iPhone SE is also produced in India. iPhone SE is made in a plant in Bangalore.

Which models will be ready here

The report claimed that only the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Mini will be produced at this plant in India for the time being. iPhone 13 Pro (iPhone 13 Pro) and iPhone 13 Pro Max (iPhone 13 Pro Max) will be imported from outside. The purpose of the company behind making the iPhone 13 here is to reduce the gap between its demand and supply. In fact, due to the chip crisis in the world and the power crisis in China, the production of iPhone is getting very less for the last few months. So there is a gap between demand and supply. The company wants to reduce this gap by making it in India.

So can the prices come down?

At the same time, with the news of the production of iPhone 13 in India, it is also being discussed that now its prices will also come down. If the phone is ready in India, then the import duty on it will end now. In such a situation, it will also have an effect on its prices.


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