Proceedings of Bihar Legislature adjourned indefinitely

Patna, The meeting of both the houses was adjourned sine die on Thursday after the monsoon session of the Bihar Legislature ended. Bihar Legislative Assembly Speaker Vijay Kumar Sinha adjourned the proceedings sine die after the completion of the scheduled business of the House. Earlier, he expressed his gratitude to all the members for their cooperation in the operation of the House.

During this five-day brief monsoon session, the first supplementary budget of the financial year 2022-23 and the Bihar Chota Control Amendment Bill 2022 were passed in the House. At the same time, there was a special discussion in the House on the subject of air pollution and its effect on life expectancy. During this session, the members of the opposition also created a ruckus about the new Agnipath scheme for recruitment in the army. The members of the opposition boycotted the proceedings of the assembly after the lunch break on Tuesday and for the whole day on Wednesday.

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