Prize Naxalite surrendered with wife

bijapur, Naxalites, who have been active for 13 years in Bijapur district of Chhattisgarh, have surrendered today along with their wife. According to police sources, a reward of 10 lakh was announced on Lalu Modiyam alias Sameer, the Naxalite who surrendered. The District Police has got a big success due to the surrender of Naxal Lalu Modiyam. Along with his surrender, he was given an incentive of Rs 10,000.

According to the police, Lalu Modiyam, a member of the Jharkhand Regional Committee and a reward of 10 lakhs, has surrendered before the Bijapur Police along with his wife. Lalu, a resident of Pedda Korma in Bijapur district, was admitted to the Gangalur Area Committee in the year 2009 as a PLGA member. This Naxalite Lalu Medium has been involved in more than 12 big incidents. After nearly 13 years, Lalu has decided to leave the Naxal organization and join the mainstream. The reason behind leaving the organization was the love affair and the discriminatory policy in the organization regarding the position.

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