Price of LPG and commercial gas cylinders hiked once again

There has been another attack on the common people who are suffering due to inflation. The price of LPG cylinder has increased for the second time in the current month. The price of a domestic gas cylinder weighing 14.2 kg has been increased by Rs 3.50. On the other hand, the price of a commercial gas cylinder weighing 19 kg has also been increased by ₹ 8. After this increase, the price of domestic gas cylinder has crossed ₹ 1000 per cylinder in almost all the cities of the country.

If we talk about the price of domestic gas cylinder in Delhi, then it is ₹ 1003 per cylinder. On the other hand, the price of domestic LPG cylinder in Kolkata has gone up to Rs 1029. In Chennai, a cylinder has reached Rs 1018.

As far as commercial gas cylinders are concerned, the cost of a cylinder in the capital Delhi is Rs 2354. Its price in Kolkata, Mumbai and Chennai is Rs 2454, Rs 2306 and Rs 2507 respectively. Earlier on May 7, the price of commercial LPG cylinder was cut by ₹10. On May 8, the price of domestic gas cylinder was increased by ₹ 50 per cylinder. Earlier on May 1, LPG gas prices were increased by Rs 102.50. This increase was on commercial gas cylinders weighing 19 kg.

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