Preparations were going on for raids, while Dhirubhai Ambani was paralyzed; know full story

A team of 200 people was ready to leave for a raid at Palam Airport and at the same time Reliance Industries founder Dhirubhai Ambani was paralyzed.

Senior journalist and former MP Santosh Bhartiya’s new book ‘VP Singh, Chandrashekhar, Sonia Gandhi and I’ mentions the story when a team of 200 people on one side was ready to leave for a raid at Palam Airport and rightly so. At the same time, Dhirubhai Ambani, the founder of Reliance Industries, was paralyzed.

Santosh Bhartiya told about this anecdote while interacting with journalist Saurabh Dwivedi during The Lallantop’s show ‘Kitabwala’. He said, “Bhurelal reached VP Singh’s house and incidentally I was also present there. Both of them went to the room. Then after a while they returned.”

Santosh Bhartiya explains, “Dhirubhai Ambani’s spies were present everywhere and they came to know that a team of 200 people is standing at Palam airport to raid. After knowing this, Dhirubhai was paralyzed. Then senior IAS officer Bhure Lal came to VP Singh with the same news and must have told him about it.

Santosh Bhartiya said, “The next day news came that Dhirubhai Ambani was paralyzed. After that I put the whole incident in one thread. Another disclosure by Santosh Bhartiya in this book is that Amitabh Bachchan himself was a part of the rice business (rice company). In the book, author and journalist Santosh Bhartiya has claimed that then Suri, Sharma and Bachchan started the rice business together.

Santosh Bhartiya continues, “After the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi, when Sonia Gandhi might have learned about it, there was some rice business and something to come from it. It is possible that Sonia Gandhi spoke to Amitabh Bachchan and expressed concern about Rahul Gandhi’s fees. Amitabh Bachchan sent him a check of $ 1000 the next day. Sonia Gandhi took it as an insult to her and returned the check.” Santosh claims quoting the Indian book that from there the relationship between Amitabh Bachchan and the Gandhi family ended forever.


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