Preparation to make earth like world in digital world, digital land sold for crores of rupees


Digital Shopping Center: If you have enough money and courage, you can now buy digital tracts of land in the Metaverse. Not just a metaverse, such websites are part of the larger World Wide Web, so are countless companies, including Meta (née Facebook), that are building their own virtual space where they hope people will soon. There they will gather as their digital avatar to play games, buy things and interact, and they will also see advertisements. The emerging real estate market for these three-dimensional spaces in virtual reality – which includes everything from virtual concert venues and shopping malls to homes and monuments – looks forward to a future in which digital property owners work with those brands. Those who want to register their presence in different places in the metaverse.

One of the companies involved in digital real estate is Metaverse Group. Which runs the virtual world named Decentraland. Last week, Metaverse company announced that it would open 116 parcels of estate in the center of the Fashion Street District in Decentraland. It has sold for about $ 2.5 million (about Rs 19 crore). The new owner of this property near Fashion Street could benefit if Louis Vuitton wants to open a store there, they could be the virtual landlord of the brand.

Cryptocurrencies were included in this Decentraland deal. This deal has been done for 6,18,000 MANA. Suppose it is a cryptocurrency. Michael Gord, co-founder of Metaverse Group, told the New York Times, “Imagine when you came to New York, it was a farm and you had the option to take a block in SoHo, if today someone wants to buy a block in SoHo, it is priceless and in the market.” Not only. The same experience is going to happen in the metaverse as well.

It probably seems a bit strange that in a virtual world, who would pay real money for access to a piece of the virtual world. Which does not yet exist and will never exist in the real world. However, it is an idea that once you become the owner of a digital land, you will be able to earn money by leasing it out or advertising.

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