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Pre Workout Meal In Hindi: Two things are very important for a healthy body. One exercise and the other a balanced diet. It is said that for a healthy body, as much exercise and other physical activity is necessary, equally it is necessary to take balanced amount of nutrition. Along with workouts, food also plays an important role in body building and body transformation. In building a fit body, 20% of the workout and 70% of your pre-workout meal is a role. But often people make mistakes here. People think what to eat and what not to eat throughout the day. But do not take care of what to eat before the workout.

During workouts, our body sweats and apart from this, muscles also break down, due to which the body needs a lot of nutrients to repair them. Before working out, you should take such meals which can give enough energy to your body. Let us tell you today what to eat before workout i.e. about your pre workout meal-

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1- Protein shake (Protein Shake

Protein is very important for the body. And when you are working out, then it is very important for you to eat protein-rich foods. Consuming protein before and after exercise helps in muscle protein synthesis. In this process, protein helps in repairing the damaged muscles after heavy exercise. By the way, nowadays protein shakes made in the market are available. But you can easily make them at home too. I share with you a recipe for protein shake

Fruit and Butter Protein Shake


-a medium sized sliced ​​apple

– half sliced ​​banana

– a spoonful of almond butter

– 1 teaspoon dark chocolate

One cup low fat milk

Two dates (dates)

recipe (Recipe)

Put all the ingredients in a blender and blend them. When everything is mixed together, take it out in a glass, pour some dark chocolate on top and drink it.

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2- Egg White Omelet (Egg White Omelet)

You can also have egg white omelet and potato before going to the gym. Egg white means the white part of the egg is rich in protein. And the importance of protein in pre workout meal, you know how much. Egg white supplementation is helpful in increasing muscle strength.

Potato (Potato) pic(social media)

3– potato (Potato)

Potatoes are a good source of carbohydrates and the starch in them helps to increase glycogen storage. Which can help you do the workout in a better way. You can have two medium sized boiled potatoes before a workout.

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4- Oatmeal

Nowadays the trend of oats has increased a lot. In the morning breakfast, now most people have started eating oats instead of porridge. It is also easy to make and it is delicious to eat. There are many benefits of eating oats. Many phytochemicals are found in them, which can be beneficial for health in many ways. For example, proteins, vitamins and lipids are found in it. You can have a small bowl of oatmeal before a pre workout.

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5- Eat brown bread in pre workout meal (Brown Bread)

Eating brown bread before a workout is very beneficial. Brown bread contains a good amount of protein and carbohydrates. And the fat is very less. Brown bread is made from wheat without removing the bran, so it contains all kinds of nutrients. The consumption of brown bread makes you feel energized even in heavy workouts during exercise and you do not get tired quickly.

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6- Eat nuts before workout

Dry fruits are beneficial for us in many ways. If you want to build body in the gym, then definitely include nuts in your pre workout meal. Like eating peanuts, apricots, figs etc. By consuming dry fruits, you will get energy for a long time and you will not feel tired soon.

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7- Smoothie (smoothie)

You can have a cup or a small glass of smoothie before a pre workout. You can make smoothies by mixing any fruit or vegetable according to your choice. If you want, you can also add a little dryfruit.


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