Pratulya Sharma: Asia’s Youngest Digital Entrepreneur

To be a digital Entrepreneur is not everyone’s cup of tea these days because of the cut-throat competition. But Asia’s Youngest Digital Entrepreneur Pratulya Sharma is acing the space by illustrating his remarkable entrepreneurial skills. To be honoured with one of the prestigious awards of Global Young leader is commendable because it requires a lot of potential and hard work to make it up to that level but Pratulya Sharma proved it exceptionally well.

Pratulya Sharma is Asia’s Youngest Digital Entrepreneur and an Expert in YouTube Marketing and Digital Marketing Strategy Building with a remarkable voyage. He started his digital entrepreneurial journey with only 80 Rupees and just because of his passion and enthusiastic nature presently he is working with A Billion-dollar MNCs and with more than 145, Clients all across the globe. He has already Cross $1,00,000+ Whooping in just 8 Months.

Raftaar, Karl Wolf, Gur Siddhu, Kapil Sharma, Tom John, KIIT University, T- Series, Zee Music, Loud Melodies and Radisson Blu are some of the clients of Pratulya Sharma.

He has won numerous Laurels because of his commendable chore at such a young age. He was awarded by the United Nations and IIT as Global Young Leader 2019. He is planning to launch North India’s First Government Approved Digital Marketing University and Planning to invest in some of the crazy Startups.

From being an entrepreneur, he is setting an example for numerous people that anything and everything is possible, you need to start, to execute and things will surely unfold in a favourable manner and will definitely result in success. Apart from being an entrepreneur, he is leaving an impact on people by encouraging, inspiring and motivating them through his core values, and his efforts are commendable.

Feel free to follow him on Instagram @pratulya_

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