Prashant Kishor’s new expertise!

Prashant Kishor is an election strategist. The journey he had started with the 2012 elections to the Gujarat Legislative Assembly is continuing in one form or the other. However, they now say they are separate from election management and strategy maker I-Pac and they no longer do that. Now they have become leaders. He has started the Suraj campaign in Bihar and is preparing for a padyatra in Bihar from October 2 next month. But apart from this, a new expertise of his is also coming to the fore. He will play the role of advisor and strategist in the work of formation of small states.

It has started in Maharashtra, where his team is assessing the possibilities and ways of creating a separate Vidarbha state. It is being told that his team of 20 members is in the area of ​​Vidarbha since July and Prashant Kishor himself is going to go to Nagpur on 20th September. Congress MLA Ashish Deshmukh had contacted him about this. He had asked Prashant Kishor to cooperate in his effort to create a separate Vidarbha state. Deshmukh and PK had met in this matter, after which PK sent a team of his associates. Keep in mind that the demand for separate state of Vidarbha is very old.

Now the question is that on one hand the team of I-PAC was working for Uddhav Thackeray’s Shiv Sena and on the other how will Prashant Kishor work for a separate Vidarbha state? Shiv Sena will not be ready for the division of the state under any circumstances. For them it is a matter of Maratha pride. But it is Prashant Kishor’s personal matter as to how he reconciles his role in the Shiv Sena and the creation of a separate Vidarbha state. But it looks like he has opened a new avenue apart from strategizing election or doing leadership himself, which has a lot of potential.

Keep in mind that there is a demand to create a separate state by dividing many big states of the country. While the demand for a separate Vidarbha state in Maharashtra has been going on for years, the demand for a separate North Bengal state from West Bengal has also intensified. BJP leaders are demanding this. There has been a demand for dividing the country’s largest state Uttar Pradesh into four parts since long. This proposal has been pending for years. While there is a demand for a separate Mithilanchal in Bihar, there is also a demand to create a separate state in the form of Seemanchal, for which the need for reorganization of both Bihar and West Bengal is said. The demand for the reorganization of some more states keeps happening frequently. Now Prashant Kishor can act as an expert in the matter. More details will come after his visit to Nagpur on 20th September and a big event to be held on 28th September.

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