Pranay Ranjan: An Experienced Digital Entrepreneur 

Pranay Ranjan is an 18-year-old young and brilliant software developer from Lucknow. Pranay started Entrepreneurship at the age of 15 as a Youngest Digital Entrepreneur. He is an influential personality on Instagram and a motivational role model of young kids. Pranay Ranjan is also the founder of YourWayDigital. Let’s talk about his journey in this article.

The Journey of Pranay Ranjan

Pranay started Entrepreneurship at the age of 15 as a Youngest Digital Entrepreneur. He is always eager to learn a new skill every day and apply it in his life. His hard work and passion made him youngest digital marketer. He says, “In this competitive world you need to be smart to sell your product and make a mark in this digital world.

Pranay is the founder of Company YourWayDigital is Leading Brand in Digital Marketing and very much in demand mostly in countries like Canada, United Kingdom (London), Germany. Pranay Ranjan feels India is yet to understand the power of online marketing and has jumped into this business early in India. He feels more people become aware of this online benefit his business will grow even more significant.

Pranay Ranjan has contributed to many music projects. He worked with music artists from different niches and styles, and from up-and-coming bands to world-renowned musicians.  Over the years, He created multiple characters and managed them to build social credibility and an influential online presence.

Apart from this, he is having collaboration with the UP Government to make useful applications for women protection and people with special needs. In the near future, he is going to establish an NGO in which people with special abilities will get to comprehend several programming languages free of cost. With such a commendable initiative, we wish him all the very best for the future.

You can follow him on Instagram @ipranaysingh

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