Power shortage reduced to 0.2 per cent in November from 2 per cent in April

New Delhi. The power deficit (the gap between power requirement and supply) in the country has come down to 0.2 per cent in November this year. This information has been received from government statistics.

In April this year, the power shortage was two per cent. However, the gap between power requirement and supply has widened in November as compared to the previous month.

The power deficit in October was 0.1 per cent (124 million units). In November 2021, the power shortage was 0.2 percent (23.3 million units).

Data shows that the power shortage in April this year was 275.2 crore units, which came down to 19.9 crore units in November.

The power shortage was 609 million units (0.4 percent) in May, 796 million units (0.6 percent) in June, 434 million units (0.3 percent) in July, 465 million units (0.4 percent) in August and 312 million units (0.2 percent) in September. percent) was

In the first eight months of the current financial year, April-November, the power shortage has increased to 0.6 percent. It was 0.4 percent in the same period last year.

The power deficit during this period stood at 569.1 crore units, as against 405.8 crore units in the same period last fiscal.

The power deficit in the entire financial year 2021-22 was 578.7 crore units or 0.4 per cent. Union Power Minister RK Singh recently told the Lok Sabha in a written reply that against the peak power demand of 215 GW, a capacity of 408.7 GW has been installed.

Thermal power capacity of 25,580 MW and renewable energy capacity of 76,130 MW are under installation.

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