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Power hungry from day one!

Seventy-five India! Travel Facts-1: We Hindus are definitely the curse of God! Then there is no sense of history at all. Neither hunger disappears nor do we get freedom from fear. There is no question of becoming a nation’s intellect and nation’s resolve. We do not think of any solution other than idol worship. Living life as it is and jugaad is our accomplishment. I consider these six things to be the bottom line of the last seventy-five years. What is the basis? In response, consider these experiences of seventy five years one by one-

From day one we are without history sense– Think honestly whether Prime Minister Nehru and his cabinet were forgotten history before and after 15th August 1947 or not? Was it not overlooked the fact that Hinduism and Islam have never had a political commonality. What is said to be common was when there was a mansabdari of Raja Mansingh in the court of Akbar. Be it monarchy, feudalism or the time of slavery of a third or democracy, in all systems and experiences, there is a bitter truth of the relationship of ruler versus ruled, civilizational competition, wounds of history in both religion. The British understood this truth. Therefore, the formula of division was created on the basis of religion. But all the leaders including Gandhi-Nehru lied the reality and history. Earlier it had maintained that the Muslim attack of the Muslim League is false. We are together and Congress is the true party of Muslims. That is when the Congress did not share power with the Muslim League, which had won pre-independence elections in the provincial assemblies of the United Provinces (UP) to Punjab. Did not create a political alliance with the Muslim League.

The basic truth is that in spite of the reality of both history and experience, our leaders played politics under illusions, illusions. Even when the idea of ​​partition started, earlier it was stubborn that partition was on my dead body. Then there was insistence that it is okay to do two pieces of the country, but India belongs to the Muslims too. Like brothers, the power will be shared between the two. What has not happened before in history will happen now. Everybody’s company will help in everybody’s growth!

What is it today after exactly seventy five years? That is where it was in UP-Punjab before 1947. Without making them share in power, now the other extreme is claiming that there is no need to worry about those people. Neither Unity is possible nor Harmony should be created. Have to avenge history from them!

Hunger for power from day one Believe it or not, I believe that the British have not seen an opportunity to see that Hindu leaders of all parties, including the Congress, took decisions in the hunger of power. Let the country be killed. Partition happened. Country born lula-lime and with mental disability. The leaders of India did not drive away the British. Allowed them to act arbitrarily. To break the country into pieces. The British Viceroy Lord Mountbatten transferred power to Mohammad Ali Jinnah and Jawaharlal Nehru in the same way as in 2014, power was transferred from Dr. Manmohan Singh to Narendra Modi. It was neither real freedom nor absolute freedom.

Leaders lobbied to become a minister in Pandit Nehru’s cabinet. The hunger for power was immediately visible. Some recommended the Viceroy to Nehru and some to Gandhi. The leaders manipulated the leaders of the parties with false pretenses. From Baldev Singh of Akali Dal to Shanmukham Chetty of Justice Party, KC Niyogi of Hindu Mahasabha, etc., Pandit Nehru certainly took them in the cabinet, but throughout the year, due to differences with Nehru-Patel, they resigned in power arrogance. From Pandit Nehru to the Prime Minister in every indigenous government of the states, the Chief Minister started the politics of making his supremacy. Later on, well this became the purpose of politics.

India has lived in fear since day oneIf this is not considered as a curse of destiny, then what should be believed that with independence, the country was scorched in communal violence and retaliation. What happened in North-West and Eastern India, especially in Punjab and Bengal, the memory of which gives goosebumps. The tricolor of independent India was hoisted on 15 August 1947. Celebrations took place in Red Fort and Delhi but even then people were apprehensive despite the satisfaction and happiness of getting freedom. were frightened. India’s journey began with horror. As soon as the process of tribal infiltration started in Kashmir, despite the Viceroy’s tutelage, the Home Ministry in Delhi had a dilemma as to what to do. Sardar Patel was not making the decision. They could not do the daring of the prime minister.

The experience of 75 years is a witness that despite many battles with Pakistan and despite remedies like imposition or removal of Article 370, India has lived in worries and dilemmas. There is concern and fear on the part of China and Pakistan, then the tension within the country, there is a continuation of fear in the ruckus of the Battle of Panipat. Only then the public has no option but to worship the leader as an idol.

Tota of nation’s resolve and nation’s intelligence- Around 1947, the journey of countries like Japan, Germany, China, Israel started. In these countries also, national, all-party or revolutionary government was formed. All of them threw themselves in the making of the country by taking the oath of national unity and reconstruction. In the midnight of 14-15 August, Pandit Nehru, after taking oath as the Prime Minister, got his 13 ministers sworn in by the Viceroy Lord Mountbatten at eight o’clock the next morning. It was the first national government to say that. In reality it was subordinate to the British Dominion. Secondly, the list of ministers was made in the formula of appeasement. Five of the 13 ministers were non-Congress. Muslims, Christians, Sikhs and Parsis were made ministers for appearances. So that there should be equality of all religions, representation of all castes. That was appeasement. Believe it or not, it was the beginning of the deviance from the first day of the new nation.

Since then till today the nation and the power are mentally handicapped. The community is without national resolve and direction. Do not understand how to make India? Therefore, it is not surprising that his journey could not become like that of Japan, China, Germany, Israel. Neither determination nor development of intelligence in the nation system. The entire journey of seventy five years is on the worn-out tracks of the bureaucratic and systemic fabric of the British intelligence.

Every Prime Minister is an incarnation of God- If this is not the mental disability of thousand years of slavery, then what is it which got freedom from the British and the Hindus placed it at the feet of their leaders. From Mahatma Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru, Sardar Patel, Dr. BR Ambedkar to as many castes, as many creeds, as many idols were built. Gandhi, Jawahar Lal Nehru, Sardar Patel, Dr. Ambedkar were all taking British education and their understanding of democracy. Despite this, no one has inculcated this literacy in the slave Hindu intellect not to convert the rituals of devotion to God into politics and worship of the powerful. Don’t worship power, but ask for answers from power. Don’t be afraid of power, but power is afraid of them.

Independence started creating new gods among Hindus from day one. Pandit Nehru was considered an incarnation. Narrative happened in the country, there was concern that what would happen if Pandit Nehru died? How will India run? Will India survive? Nehru was worshiped in the form of an angel, so even today the common Hindu is in the same view that as long as Narendra Modi is the Prime Minister, then the country is safe. It is obvious that there is no other way and idea in the country’s contemplation than idol worship!

Jugaad is our nation’s accomplishment- Probably living by the belief of incarnation and idol worship, only then after independence we went on making our own jugaad. He chose the middle path so that asafetida and alum color becomes brighter. The constitution was made from the templates of the country and the world. Plans were drawn up for the five year plans. Became a government pilgrimage for the loot of bureaucrats. Much made in the country but with foreign technology, research and inventions. Fifty years after man set foot on the moon, we applauded with our cheap jugaad by making Chandrayaan. By learning a few thousand words of the English language, the elite class made a conceit of world mastery. Only then every Indian should think that what is the total result of the jugaads from the British Westminster model democracy to the indigenous economy?

The root cause of all the above things is one. That is, 140 crore people have nothing to think about except power. Power is my father. Only if God says power, hoist the tricolor, then we have to hoist the tricolor. Truly, the living religion of a Hindu is not with the flag, but the power is with the flag! am i wrong?

Shubham Bangwal

Shubham Bangwal is a Senior Journalist at You can follow him on Twitter @sb_0fficial
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