Post Office started this special facility for crores of customers, it became easy to invest money in PPF-SSY

Post office IVR facility: The post office has come up with a special plan for its customers. If you have opened an account in the post office or are associated with any post office scheme, then this is the news of your benefit. Indian Postal Department has launched a new Interactive Voice Response (IVR) service. You can take advantage of this facility through the phone. Through this facility of the post office, you can get account balance information, block cards, take new cards. Apart from this, you can find out about many information like PPF, NSC, SSY.

You can call on toll free number
The post office has given information about this by issuing a circular. You can also get detailed information about Post Office Small Schemes through IVR. For this, you just have to call the toll free number 18002666868 of the post office from your registered mobile number and here you will get all the details.

Know how to check balance?
Apart from this, customers having savings account can also take advantage of this facility. In this you will get many types of options. If you want information in Hindi then you have to press 1 for that. On the other hand, you have to press 2 to get information in English. Apart from this, 5 has to be pressed to know the account balance of any scheme. After that you have to press the account number and then the hash (#).

How can I block the card?
Apart from this, if you want to block any of your cards, then for that you have to press the 6 button. After this, you have to enter your card number and then the account number will have to be entered. After this, the customer will have to enter IT and press number 3.

Do this work for banking services
Apart from this, you have to press 2 for any kind of banking services. At the same time, for other services, the number 7 will have to be pressed. To get the information related to the savings account, you have to press 1.

What is this IVR facility?
This is an interactive voice response service. It works on the voice commands of the customers. Apart from this, it is a direct way to solve the problems of the customers. Through this, customers can clear all their confusions. In this, the answer to the questions of the customers will be found on the phone itself.

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