Post Office: If you want better returns then invest Rs 333 in this scheme of Post Office

Post Office Small Schemes: Even today, a large section of the country trusts a lot on the Post Office Scheme. The post office keeps on bringing different types of schemes for its customers. In the post office, you get a large number of small savings options, in which you also get more returns. By investing in this, you also get the benefit of insurance policy and in a few years, you get more funds. So let us tell you about a small post office investment that can give you a return of up to Rs 8 lakh in a short time.

What is this special scheme of this post office?
The name of the post office scheme is Senior Citizens Savings Scheme. An interest rate of 7.4 percent can be found under this scheme. If you are investing in this scheme for the first time, then you will have to deposit its money on 31 March / 30 September / 31 December only. Along with this, the maturity period of this scheme is up to 5 years.

You have to invest in it for at least 5 years. The minimum investment amount should be Rs 1000 (Minimum Amount). In this you have to put all the money in one go. If you invest in this scheme, you also get tax exemption according to the Income Tax 80C rule.

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Who can invest in Senior Citizens Savings Scheme
Let us tell you that every Indian citizen whose age is between 50 and 60 years can invest in Senior Citizen Saving Scheme. People younger than this can also open its account. Under this scheme, both single or joint account can be opened. You can invest a maximum of Rs 15 lakh in this scheme. On the other hand, if the account is opened in a joint account, then the entire amount deposited will be the responsibility of the first account holder only.

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