Possible announcement of tax exemption in the budget for salaried people doing office work from home


Budget 2022 For Salaried: The biggest hit of the Corona epidemic (Covid 19 Pandemic) has been on the salaried people. Since March 2020, the salaried people have to do office work from home. Due to office work from home, the expenses of the salaried class have increased.

Salaried Classes have to do office work from home under Work From Home. Due to this, the expenditure on electricity bill, Internet Expenses, furniture of the salaried people has increased. Due to working in the first office, its burden was on the companies. But the employees themselves have to bear the cost. Due to online classes from home of children, there has been an increase in the expenditure of the taxpayers. Expenditure on computer, laptop, mobile, internet has increased.

Possible declaration of tax deduction on work from home

Corona epidemic In the general budget to be presented on February 1, 2022, the Modi government can announce a tax exemption to the salaried class in view of the work from home. Due to office work from home, the government can give a separate tax deduction to the salaried class. The government can announce Work from Home Allowance in the budget so that the tax burden on the taxpayers can be reduced.

UK government gives tax exemption

In Britain, the government there gives 6 pounds tax exemption every week to those working from home under Work From Home. So that the people there can be given relief from the burden of additional expenditure. It is believed that taking lessons from Britain, the Government of India can announce Work from Home Allowance in the budget.

work from home allowance tax exemption

Deloitte has also expressed the hope of announcing S in the budget in its pre-budget note. Deloitte has suggested giving additional tax deduction of Rs 50,000 to taxpayers as work from home allowance. ICAI (Institute of Chartered Accountants of India) has also suggested giving additional tax exemption to those working from home under Work Prom Home. ICAI has suggested to increase the limit of standard deduction to one lakh rupees under this.

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