Popular Car Enthusiast Lecha Khouri Adds The Very Last Australian Delivered R35 Nissan GT-R To His Huge Car Collection

Lecha Khouri is a renowned car collector who is the founder and host of the much loved car show known as Supercar Advocates. Lovingly known as Lee by his fans, Lecha Khouri is someone who has made a mark in the international car community. He has a large car collection that consists of rare and modern cars like the Ferrari LaFerrari, McLaren Senna XP, Porsche 918, Ferrari Enzo, Ferrari F40 and many more. As a car enthusiast, Lecha Khouri has close to 54 high end special cars to himself.

Very recently, Lecha has added the all new Nissan GT-R T-spec to his collection. This brilliant car was revealed in the latest episode of Lee’s car show Supercar Advocates. The episode has already received a wonderful response from the show’s audience and car lovers around the world. Supercar Advocates is a car show wherein Lee and his team go to international locations and drive various rare super and hypercars and share their adventures with the audience.

The newest to his huge collection, Lecha Khouri’s high performance super sports car is the last customer delivered Nissan GT-R T-spec in Australia. Nissan has produced only a total of hundred models of the car and out of them, twenty five have been sent to Australia. Since Lee’s car is the last one to be delivered to Australia, a lot of fans are thrilled to be a part of that experience through the latest episode of Supercar Advocates.

Lecha’s Nissan GT-R T-spec is VIN 0051 of the R35 GT-R final production run. It is painted in a colour called Millenium Jade that gives off a very dreamy yet classy vibe. The car has become very popular among Fast & Furious and JDM fans in the world.

With the addition of the Nissan GT-R T-spec to Lecha Khouri’s collection, his passion for cars has seen new heights.

Can’t wait to find out more? Watch the latest episode of Supercar Advocates today!



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