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Politics over, chaotic Agneepath!

India is now on the path of fire instead of politics. That is why the incidents of attacks on BJP offices, leaders’ homes in Bihar are ignored. Think when such incidents happened before? Have Congress offices ever been such a target? BJP is a national party. Fifty-six inches is a chested party. But whether it is Nupur Sharma case or Agneepath movement or the farmers movement before that, did the BJP have any role in showing its political existence. The Sangh Parivar has everything from farmers’ organizations to minority organizations, youth organizations, but all as lifeless and meaningless. The case of Bihar is also interesting because the BJP has a share in power there. Despite this, neither the leaders of the partner party JDU spoke nor showed any sympathy on the attacks on BJP! It seemed as if everyone was happy with the Agniveers’ attacks on the BJP!

First of all, why is the Agniveer youth taking out anger against the BJP over the central government’s plan? Are they angry with BJP or Prime Minister Narendra Modi or Central Government? With whom are they disillusioned? What are they angry about?

Secondly, why is the BJP itself not taking the attacks on its people, its offices seriously? That is also the government in Bihar. Nitish Kumar’s power is because of BJP. Then how is it that neither Nitish Kumar became active to save the BJP leaders nor did the central leaders of BJP show such attitude as seen after beating BJP leaders in West Bengal. Yesterday, Bihar BJP President Sanjay Jaiswal definitely said that the administration is not taking action against the protesters. Everything is happening in front of the administration, but it is a mute spectator. In the presence of the administration, youth are targeting BJP offices. The role played by the administration in the last three days is not acceptable from anywhere. On this, JDU’s national president Lalan Singh retorted and said that the BJP should shoot the protesters in the states under their rule. BJP should have removed the apprehensions of the minds of the youth. Lalan Singh said- Nitish Kumar ji is capable of running the administration. And he has got the award for good governance in the country. So there is no need to take education from Sanjay Jaiswal ji. He also talked about Jaiswal’s mental balance deteriorating.

It is evident that what has been shown in Bihar is proof that no matter how great the BJP considers itself, it has no meaning left even among its power partners! Old rules of politics are over. Keep in mind that JDU is also a partner in the central government. The decision of the government is the decision of the entire ruling coalition. Then why did Nitish Kumar and his government not have to explain to the youth about the Agneepath scheme?

But did Prime Minister Narendra Modi make the announcement by taking JDU or fellow parties, fellow ministers into confidence? That’s why the case of Agneepath is similar to the indifference and displeasure of the allies in other matters of the Modi government. From demonetisation to Agneepath, it is the bottom line that all the announcements of the government have been without political input, advice and confidence, then in the plan protests-movements of farmers-muslims-young people-people, from BJP, its allies to the opposition, all are meaningless.

Only then the time ended when there was politics and the party was the axis of opposition and democracy. If only the parties used to agitate, then their all-party meetings and political understanding also led to solutions.

Now everything is from Agneepath. It’s a one-on-one fight. India is either running by power ravines or by bulldozers. That’s why neither politics nor parties is needed. Everything is because power is centralized, so there is apolitical behavior of regional and national parties from power at every level of state and center. Therefore, if Nitish Kumar is in power in Bihar and Mamta Banerjee is in power in West Bengal, then the fate of BJP is two pennies in front of them. In West Bengal, the BJP has been scolded a lot, but as a party, the BJP does not have the strength to create a movement. In every non-BJP state i.e. Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Andhra, etc. BJP does not have the prestige of being the national ruling party or opposition party. Do not misunderstand that due to the power of Narendra Modi at the center, there will be some political harmony, behavior towards BJP leaders, workers in these states. The latest proof of this is Bihar. No one is aggrieved by the anger of the youth on the BJP.

Obviously, the present time without political culture has been slowly inviting anarchy. The end of politics and the existence of political parties is a guarantee of unbridled movements in the future. The discontent, anger and hatred from the bulldozers of power may have been immediately controlled, but the lava is raging and growing. Believe it or not, but on the unemployment of 65 percent of the youth of the 16 crore population of Bihar or the unemployment of the youth of the whole country, the Agneepath scheme has created a blaze of ghee on the burn. It has to go on frightening because there is no solution. So there are so many gimmicks and misguided things, after all, when youth anger erupts across the country, then all the bulldozers of power are going to run away.

And most of the blame will fall on the BJP and the Sangh Parivar. There is no stability in the ownership rights of the bulldozers being built by Narendra Modi with the devout Hindu votes. In the recent experience of Bengal and Bihar, the anger of the people has erupted on the BJP, whatever the conspiracy, the intention of Nitish-Mamata, whatever they think is the basic thing that people are becoming dreaded attackers. The BJP and the Sangh Parivar are being held responsible. BJPmen from Janata Dal-U and Nitish Kumar and earlier Shiv Sena should understand that hatred against the Sangh Parivar is deeply ingrained in all those who do not belong to the bhakt category. India’s old and new political parties, tribes and minorities, class-varna deprived groups may still fail to cut Hindu politics, but whenever there is a desired spark in frustration and hatred, they will also be like firefighters. Currently in Bihar.

The end of politics is very dangerous. The death of parties and the surrender of power means exhaustion of options. Politics is a game of possibilities, so they can handle all kinds of challenges like protest, hatred, anger and agitation. Think, if BJP-JDU were partners in political energies as before, would JDU and BJP look different and ineffective in front of the agitators in Bihar, as they have been seen for four days? Despite the power, what is the BJP’s politics there? Media sponsored narratives and rhetoric do not lead to politics! How many politicians in India today have the courage to do politics among movements? Or do you even dare to say that the disturbance of miscreants in the offices of any political party and the house of the leaders is not a good thing? Have you heard such condemnation anywhere?

Shubham Bangwal

Shubham Bangwal is a Senior Journalist at You can follow him on Twitter @sb_0fficial
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