Politics in Bihar will happen with the will of Nitish

The leadership of Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar seems to have been accepted by the BJP. NDA politics in Bihar will not be according to BJP, but according to Nitish Kumar. The party has been on the backfoot since the defeat of the BJP in the by-elections to the Legislative Council and an assembly seat and after that Nitish Kumar showed closeness to the opposition parties in the Iftar feasts, the message went to the BJP and the BJP high command sent Union Minister Dharmendra Pradhan to Patna. Sent. Keep in mind that Pradhan has been in charge of Bihar earlier and he is comfortable with Nitish. It is being told that in this conversation, keeping the leaders of the state apart, Nitish gave a blunt message that BJP will have to work according to them in Bihar.

So, now it is being told that BJP will move ahead according to them. It will be estimated in the next two months. After the Rajya Sabha and Presidential elections, there will be a change of organization in Bihar and BJP will remove the state president Sanjay Jaiswal. If Jaiswal is discharged, it will in itself be a message that the BJP has surrendered. Apart from Jaiswal, it is being told that Nitish Kumar has also asked the Speaker of the Assembly, Vijay Sinha, to be removed. Keep in mind that in the past, there was a heated debate between Nitish and the Speaker in the House. The BJP can also remove the speaker to keep Nitish happy. Apart from this, some rhetoric central ministers will be on leave and party spokespersons who make provocative statements in the state may be on leave. There is also talk of appointing a new in-charge in place of state in-charge Bhupendra Yadav.

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