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Political turmoil in France

It is clear from the parliamentary results of France that the centrist consensus that has been in the country for decades is now broken. It is now clear that governing further will prove to be a difficult task for President Emmanuel Macron.

Analysts have rightly called it a political earthquake in France. This is the real meaning of parliamentary election results. The real winners in this election were the extreme left and far right parties. These results have in a way broken the centrist consensus that has been prevailing in the country for decades. The election results indicate that an influential anti-Macron front has been formed at the public level. It is now clear that governing further will prove to be a difficult task for President Emmanuel Macron. It has never happened in the last two and a half decades when the President’s party has not had a majority in Parliament. If this is the case now, in which the party-assembly of President Emmanuel Macron fell 44 seats away from the clear lot figure. By the way, the most shocking performance was that of the far-right National Rally Party. Predictions made after the first phase of voting predicted 30 to 35 seats for the Mary Len Penn-led party. But in reality it has got up to 89 seats. Macron’s centrist party was reduced to 245 seats in the 577-member parliament. The New Popular Union, a left-wing coalition led by far-left leader Jean-Luc Mellenchon, won 131 seats.

Apart from this, other Left parties have got 22 seats. That is, all the Left parties together were successful in winning 153 seats. Macron’s hopes now rest on the traditional Conservative party, Les Republicans. This party also got more success than expected. It managed to win 61 seats. It is considered closer to Macron’s ideas. But its leaders have said that Macron cannot take his support for granted. Clearly, instead of supporting Macron, this party will bargain hard. The President has to chirp before him at every opportunity to gain support. So suddenly the way Macron shone in politics, now it will continue to shine. The fear is that for the next five years, he may be seen as a Lame Duck President.

Shubham Bangwal

Shubham Bangwal is a Senior Journalist at You can follow him on Twitter @sb_0fficial
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