Poland: A village where only girls are born, not a single boy was born in the last twelve years

Big scientists have failed to explain the reason behind this, the family will get a big reward when a boy is born.

Today, although science has made a lot of progress, but there are still many such things about which science cannot give any information. There are still many such things in the world, the reason behind which even science cannot explain. Today we are going to talk about one such village where science has also failed to explain the reason behind what is happening. In this village, only and only girl is born from the womb of a woman. Not a single boy has been born here for the last 12 years. Till date no one has been able to know the reason for this. Even big scientists have not been able to solve its secret.

Let us tell you that in this mysterious village of Poland, not a single boy has been born in the village of Mijeske Odrzyski for twelve years. Here a girl is always born from the womb of a pregnant woman. Even the mayor of this village had announced in 2019 that if anyone’s son is born in this village, he will be given a huge reward. But till date no one has got this reward. For the first time about this village, scientists had told it as a rumor. But after this many scientists came and did research here and found that this news is true. Many journalists and TV journalists also came and reported in this village. But no one could solve this mystery. Till now no one knows why this is so?

According to the information, the population of this village is about three hundred. During a local competition, it was revealed to the world that only girls are born here. The mayor here had announced that in whichever family a boy would be born, a reward would be given to the family. Still many researchers are trying to find the reason why the boy is not able to stay in the woman’s womb here? It remains to be seen when and how the reason behind this will be known.

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