PM Modi may visit Britain next month, many agreements are possible between the two countries

According to the information received from the officials, PM Modi will visit the UK in October and during this a bilateral free trade agreement can be signed between the two countries.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi (File)

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India PM next month to further strengthen the trade treaty between the UK and Narendra Modi Will travel to UK. According to information received from officials, PM Modi will visit Britain in October and during this a bilateral free trade agreement can be signed between the two countries. Both the countries are planning to make this agreement before Diwali.

An official related to the matter has told that both India and Britain are confident that they will sign this agreement before Diwali. It is estimated that this agreement will be signed by the trade ministers of both the countries in the presence of the Prime Ministers of both the countries. The official related to the matter said that if this visit of PM Modi is final, then it can be around Diwali. It is possible to sign the FTA on this visit.

UK-Australia agreements offered to India

However, so far no official information has been given from both the countries. In some cases, the agreement between the two countries is yet to be discussed in some cases. These include migration, automobile and mobility. Only the terms on mobility and migration from Britain signed with Australia in 2021 have been offered to India.

Both countries understand each other

After this agreement between the UK and Australia, Britain gets the freedom that it can recruit citizens of Australia in many sectors. These include professionals like engineers and architecture etc. However, no reply has been given by India on this yet. Another officer, without naming names, said that an agreement of 26 chapters has been made in the matter. ‘Both countries understand each other’s sensitivity and adjust accordingly.’

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Consultations from both the countries have been put on fast track so that it can be completed by early October. In this deal by the Government of India, the focus is on the mobility of professionals and students. These include leather, textile, jewellery, agricultural products, marine products, health care, etc.


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