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plight of mamta government

Fifth note of musical scale. The Trinamool Congress government in Bengal has met with a terrible misfortune. No one could have imagined that Mamata Banerjee’s government could do corruption on such a large scale. Whenever I have been to Kolkata under Mamta’s rule, while talking to many old industrialists and businessmen there, I used to think that due to the fear of Mamta, now they may not be able to do any wrong work but her Industries and Trade Minister Partha Chatterjee was first arrested by the Directorate of Investigation and then from the houses of his personal assistants, friends and relatives, cash worth crores of rupees. The amounts have been caught, one has to be stunned to see them on TV channels.

Many of his flats are yet to be raided. Whatever cash, gold, jewelry etc. have been found in the raids in the last one week, their value is Rs 100 crore. Estimated more than that. If some of his other ministers are also caught in the clutches of the Directorate of Investigation, then this amount can even reach several billions. Mamta government has left no stone unturned to suck the blood of Marwari businessmen of Bengal. Partha Chatterjee is not only a minister of three departments. He is considered the deputy chief minister of Mamata Banerjee.

In this capacity, it is not surprising that Mamta has been doing all the transactions in the same way. He has also been the party’s general secretary and vice-president. The people of Bengal have been considering him as the nose of the party. That is why the party did not take any action against him till six days after his arrest, instead the thief kept scolding the Kotwal. Trinamool leaders kept accusing the BJP government of vengeance.

Now that the Mamta government has started getting defamed in the whole country, some senses have come and Partha Chatterjee has been sacked from the cabinet and membership of the party. This is not a dismissal, it is just a Muttili, because the party spokesperson is saying that if he passes the investigation, then he will be re-decorated from all his posts. This is not just a matter of Trinamool Congress’s corruption. No party and no leader of the country can claim that they are corruption-free.

Without corruption, that is, without violating morality and law, no person can do politics of votes. How will you contest elections without investing a mountain of money? How will each candidate cater to the voters of five lakh to 20 lakh in his constituency? Vote by note and earning note by vote is the basic mantra of our politics. That is why many of our Chief Ministers have even eaten the air of jail.

The politics of note and vote has overtaken the politics of ideology and character. If we want to make Indian democracy clean, then only people like Acharya Chanakya or Plato’s ‘philosophical leader’ should be allowed in politics. Otherwise, whoever you raid, you will find yourself covered in mud.

Shubham Bangwal

Shubham Bangwal is a Senior Journalist at You can follow him on Twitter @sb_0fficial
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