Players have spent more than Rs 52000 crore on PUBG, know where is the highest earning

PUBG Game: PUBG is the most played battle royale game in the world. Its popularity is continuously increasing. Players are also spending a lot of money in this game played for fun, time pass and thrill. According to a report, so far people have spent about $ 7 billion (Rs 52000 crore) on this game worldwide. Let us know what else is special in this report.

what does the report say

World wide data of this gaming app has been released by Sensor Tower on the basis of Play Store and App Store. It has been told in this report that PUBG Game has earned $ 771 million i.e. about Rs 5219 crore only in Q3 2021. This earning data is of the income received from the players. If we look at this earnings figure on a daily basis, then it is an average of $ 8.1 million daily.

Highest App Store Income

According to the report, third party Android apps have not been kept in this earnings figure. In this, only the data of App Store and Play Store has been taken. App Store has the highest share in terms of platform in total earnings. The company has earned 56.6 percent through the App Store outside China. At the same time, this share from Google Play Store has been 43.4 percent.

how much income in which country

PUBG has earned the most money from China in the world. According to this report, this game has earned about $ 4 billion from China. That is, it is 57 percent of the total earnings. After this, the highest earnings have been made in America. Here the company has got a share of 11.8% of the total earnings. Japan is at number three with a share of 4.2 percent.

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