Plan implemented to tackle pollution in Delhi

New Delhi. The Revised Phased Response Action Plan (GRAP) came into force from Saturday as part of the steps to be taken to deal with the grave challenge of air pollution in Delhi and its adjoining areas.

The Air Quality Management Commission (CAQM) decided to implement the GRAP early this time, taking into account suggestions from the public and experts that early precautionary measures can prevent deterioration in air quality. According to the revised action plan, on the basis of forecast, the polluting activities can be curbed by notifying them three days in advance.

According to officials, the environment department will use the new real-time source appraisal system that will help identify sources of air pollution in real time and the data will be available from October 20.

The Green War Room will monitor the violations of air pollution related rules and redress the complaints keeping in view the methodology being followed for the last two years.

GRAP is now classified under four different stages of adverse air quality in Delhi. Phase I – ‘Poor’, if the Air Quality Index (AQI) is between 201-300. Stage II – ‘Very Poor’ if AQI is between 301-400, Third Stage – ‘Severe’ if AQI is between 401-450. Stage IV – ‘Extremely severe’, if the AQI is above 450. (Language)

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