Piyush Jain’s life changed completely in 15 years, read the full story of Dhankuber of Kannauj

Kanpur Raid Case: Piyush Jain is one of the big businessmen of Kannauj. Piyush Jain is a big businessman of perfumes. He is also known as Dhankuber of Kannauj.

Although Piyush Jain’s business is in Kanpur, but he is born in Kannauj. Piyush Jain’s ancestors have lived in Kannauj for many generations. Piyush Jain may have been a big name in the world of perfume business, but he got the discussion only after the Income Tax raid. The name of Piyush Jain, who has been doing perfume business in Kannauj from Chhupatti locality to Mumbai and Middle East, is in discussion across the country today.

With regard to the money recovered from Piyush’s hideouts, it is being estimated that it can be around 290 crores. Let us tell you that the counting of cash found in eight sacks from Piyush Jain’s residence in Kannauj has started. Right now everyone wants to know who is Piyush, whose fragrance is being felt more than the perfume. Let’s know the story of Dhankuber of Kannauj-

Father was a chemist: According to local people, Piyush Jain’s father Mahesh Chandra Jain is a chemist by profession. His wife had passed away two years ago. It is said that both his sons Piyush and Ambareesh learned from Mahesh how to make essences (compounds) to be added to perfumes and food items. Let us tell you that there is Piyush Jain’s ancestral house in Jain Street of Kannauj, which used to be quite small. But now this house has been transformed into a luxurious cottage. His neighbors on Jain Street say that he too had no idea that the Jain family was so wealthy.

Artisans came from Jaipur: According to Navbharat Times, when Piyush’s financial condition changed, two adjacent houses were bought and merged into one. Later, artisans were called from Jaipur to build this house of about 700 square yards. Thick walls, expensive air-conditioners, steel balconies and doors in this luxurious house make this Kothi completely different from the rest of the houses. Despite this huge business and risk, not a single CCTV camera was seen in any exterior part of the house. The house is also made in such a way that nothing is visible from other houses except the balcony.

The family does not live in Kannauj: According to the report of Navbharat Times, Mahesh Chandra Jain and his staff mainly live in this house. Piyush and Ambareesh used to visit here frequently. According to neighbours, Piyush and Ambareesh have 6 sons and daughters. All studied in Kanpur and rarely used to visit Kannauj.

Owner of more than 40 companies: According to media reports, Piyush Jain is the owner of more than 40 companies. Two of these companies are in the Middle East. While Kannauj also has a petrol pump, perfume factory and cold storage. Piyush Jain does all the business of perfume from Mumbai, from here his perfume is also sent abroad. That’s why Piyush’s head office is in Mumbai but the family’s identity is from Kannauj. That is why he is called Dhankuber of Kannauj.

Revealed due to: In fact, due to competition from an influential businessman, the letter of black exploits opened when he started having direct contact with pan masala traders. If sources are to be believed, the treasure found from Piyush’s hideouts is of hawala business and a big pan masala trader.


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