Phone battery explodes due to these reasons, you should not make these mistakes

Mobile Safety Tips: Many times you must have heard the news of exploding phone battery. In the last few days, there was also news of damage to the user due to the explosion of the battery of the OnePlus Nord 2 smartphone. Many cases of battery burst have been reported in this model. In this case and in most of the previous cases, the mobile companies tell the fault of the users in the battery burst. There can be many reasons for the battery drain of the phone. One in this is that the company does not do quality testing properly, but this happens only in some cases. In most of the cases, the mistakes made by the user are responsible for the accident. Let us tell you why the battery explodes and how it can be safe.

1. Overcharging or leaving it on overnight

Many people leave the phone on charge for hours. Many people put the mobile on charge while sleeping at night and remove it in the morning. Both these situations can be dangerous. Overcharging puts the phone at risk of overheating and short circuiting. This may cause mobile blast.

2. Use another or local charger

If you charge the phone locally or otherwise, then change this habit. This is a major reason for the phone to explode. Mobile companies constantly warn about this. Actually third party chargers lack the space required for the mobile. In such a situation, they heat up the phone during charging. Apart from this, they also damage the internal components of the mobile. Due to this there is a danger of exploding the phone.

3. Battery damage

According to experts, this is also one of the reasons for the exploding battery of the phone. Many times our phone falls, it damages the battery. This causes problems like short circuit and overheating in the mobile. Apart from this, the battery also starts bloating. After some time it may burst. So pay attention to the back of the phone.

4. Processor overloading

Due to multitasking and playing more games in the phone, the processor gets overloaded and heats up the mobile. After this the risk of exploding the mobile increases. It is important for you to keep checking the temperature of the mobile in between. Do not use the app for a while due to overheating.

5. Battery exposed to water or sunlight

If the battery of your phone comes in direct contact with sunlight or water, then there is a risk of exploding it. In fact, cells become unstable due to excessive heat and can then produce gases such as oxygen and carbon dioxide. This can cause the battery to swell and explode. The battery swells up even when it comes in contact with water and this is the reason for its explosion.

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