People said – Modi, Yogi’s fan but will not vote for BJP MLA

This protest of people against BJP MLA is not new, Brijesh Singh has been opposed even before this. At that time also Panchayat was done against the MLA. Not only this, a board of ‘Entry in the village is prohibited’ was also put up against them.

Political parties have started preparing for the assembly elections in UP. At the same time, a panchayat was held in Saharanpur district of western Uttar Pradesh regarding the boycott of the local BJP MLA. In which slogans were raised fiercely against the BJP leader. In this panchayat, the villagers said that the Prime Minister of the country, Narendra Modi and the Chief Minister of UP, Yogi Adityanath are liked, but this time the sitting MLA will be boycotted in the coming elections. The villagers also raised slogans of BJP MLA Brijesh Singh Murdabad during this panchayat and vowed that they would not vote in the coming elections.

In fact, the people of Ranakhandi village of Deoband in Saharanpur allege that the sitting MLA Brijesh Singh took votes by tricking the villagers, but did not do any work for the development of the village and the area. In such a situation, people have decided that if the BJP gives ticket to the sitting MLA again, the villagers will not vote for him in the coming elections. He says that if the BJP fielded a capable leader in the election, then the villagers can definitely think about it.

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The people of the village are the fans of Modi Yogi.
In the meeting held last Thursday, the people of Ranakhandi village participated enthusiastically. They say that the people of this village are fans of Modi and Yogi, but if Brijesh Singh is given a ticket in this Deoband region, the BJP will be boycotted. He says that Brijesh Singh has not done any work not only in this village but also in other areas. This angered other villages too.

There was no entry board in the village
Let us inform that this protest of the people of this village against the BJP MLA is not new, even before this Brijesh Singh has been opposed. At that time also Panchayat was done against the MLA. Not only this, a board of ‘Entry in the village is prohibited’ was also put up against them. Now once again the protest has started against them.

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effect of peasant movement
Let us inform that apart from Saharanpur, Muzaffarnagar, the effect of the farmers’ movement is being seen in the whole of western UP. Here the farmers and villagers are against the BJP, due to which it is believed that the BJP may have to face heavy losses in the coming elections. It is also believed that BKU supporters live in large numbers in these areas and this time BKU is looking against BJP. In such a situation, the election of BJP from here will not be less than the challenges.


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