People News Chronicle: A news and media organisation

People News Chronicle (Twitter @pnchronicle) is an independent news and media organisation started by Youthistaan.

People News Chronicle, as the name suggests People’s News which will be the independent news media organisation. The creator program will provide support for independent journalists, and in particular, journalists reporting on current affairs that rely on digital video and emerging technologies. Not only this but this news website will be instantly uploading all the latest changes and events happening around the world, so that viewers can get information by connecting to its website at any time.

According to Apn Live (Channel), People News Chronicle is one of a number of news sites who have “continuously reported on trans athletes”, and has labelled it as an anti-LGBT right-wing media.

People News Chronicle received the Parinamika Award for Best e-content (News & Entertainment) in the e-news category in year 2021.

In year 2022, People News Chronicle was awarded as a Fastest News Website for Year 2022  by Parinamika Awards and Deep coverage on Farmer’s issues for Year 2022 by Arbit Awards.

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