Pelosi trusts Taiwan

New Delhi. Speaker of the lower house of the US Parliament, the House of Representatives, Nanny Pelosi has returned from Taiwan after finishing her tour. Despite China’s objections and threats, she reached Taipei on Tuesday and stayed there overnight. On Wednesday, he addressed Taiwan’s parliament and met with the president. Pelosi assured Taiwan that the US is with it at all costs. On the other hand, China once again reiterated its threat and said that it would take military action.

Significantly, Nancy Pelosi is currently on a trip to Asia. After Singapore and Malaysia, she reached Taiwan and from there went to South Korea. Pelosi arrived in Taipei on August 2 with a delegation of US lawmakers. On Wednesday, he addressed Taiwan’s parliament. Nancy also met with President Tsai Ing-wen. During this Pelosi said – America will support Taiwan on the issue of security. We are with them every moment. We are proud of Taiwan’s friendship.

Nancy Pelosi said that the promise made by America 43 years ago to stand with Taiwan, it still stands by it. Angered by his arrival in Taiwan, China said – some American leaders are trying to spoil China-US relations. Whoever goes against China will be punished for it. China has talked about conducting military exercises around Taiwan. Japan has expressed concern about this. Not only this, angered by Pelosi’s visit, China has started creating economic problems for Taiwan. He has announced to stop the supply of many things, which may cause trouble to Taiwan.

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