Peculiar: These models are earning both fame and wealth by showing their ‘next’ hair

Know the story of 28-year-old Fenella Fox

A 28-year-old model recently shared pictures of her armpit hair on social media. You must be thinking what is the big deal in this. Nowadays women in foreign countries also proudly show their body hair. Do you know that this woman has earned about three crore rupees in two years.

Let us tell you that 28-year-old Fenella Fox is a resident of Worcester Midlands. Fenella prefers her armpit hair. Because of this he has gained a lot of fame. Fenella became a cam girl in 2014 before joining the adult content platform. Talking about her sexual life, Fenella said that her sex life is very bad as she has had sex only twice since 2017.

Showing armpit hair also affected Fenella’s dating life. However, she does not want to shave her armpit hair. Fenella said it hurts to think that men are not being pressured to shave their body hair. But this is not the case for women at all. This is a big double standard that we must challenge.

The model further said that “People on social media call me dirty and lazy. I have also received death threats. Some people even said that I will always be single and I will never find a man. Fenella said, “I love my armpit hair and it makes me feel sexy. I’m proud to show off my armpit hair.”

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