Peculiar: The city of the world which has been burning continuously for the last 60 years, will soon get the status of Ghost Town

There is a fire under the ground in the city of Centralia in Pennsylvania, USA, in May 1962 a fire in a garbage dump is burning till today

The incident of fire is not a new thing in today’s time. Every year there is a fire in many parts of the world, but the firefighters extinguish these fires, but there is a city in Pennsylvania, America which has been burning for the last 60 years. People living here have also migrated from here. Many efforts were made to extinguish this fire which started in 1962 and it is still going on but the fire is not being extinguished. The name of this deserted city is Centralia. This fire is underground in the city. Poisonous gas keeps coming out from the cracks in the land here. It is claimed that this fire will continue to burn like this for the next 100 years.

Let us tell you that this city is located in the state of Pennsylvania, which is located on the east coast of America. It was once known for its mines. A large number of mining operations were carried out here. In May 1962 a garbage dump caught fire, which slowly spread to a coal mine thousands of feet below the ground. 60 years have passed since the incident of fire but it is still not extinguished.

Impossible to live here

It is not that there was no attempt to put out the fire here. The government took all measures, but none succeeded. Harmful gases like carbon monoxide keep coming out of the cracks of the crumbling ground, which makes living here very dangerous. This is the reason why people have left here. Although 5 people still live here. People lived here for 20 years after the fire. In 1981, a 15-year-old boy named Todd Dombowski was playing in the back of his house. Suddenly there was a crack in the ground and she started falling down. Although his family members saved him, but since then people started evacuating him.

Five residents still live in Centralia

The state government intervened in 1983 and relocated most of the residents. However, in the meantime 5 residents refused to vacate the city. They still live there. For this he also fought a legal battle. But by the year 2022, this city will also be cut off from local transport. Overall the city is on the way to achieve Ghost Town status.

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