Partition of husband after two marriages, 3 days with wives and will get Sunday’s holiday…

Rampur | Double Marriage Case UP : It is often said that a woman can tolerate everything but not her son. A shocking case has come to light from Rampur district of Uttar Pradesh. A person living here got married for the second time with the first wife. The surprising thing here is that the person married a second time with the consent of his first wife. Secondly, both the wives divided their husband in such a way which is really strange. Both the wives decided that 3 days of the week he would be with his first wife and the remaining 3 days with the second wife. Husband will have a holiday on Sunday.

Double Marriage Case UP :
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The issue is related to social media

Double Marriage Case UP : According to the information, a few days ago the married young man started talking to a girl living on social media. The love between the two became such that they married each other and started living in Chandigarh. But as it happens, one day the whole truth will come to the fore. In this case also something happened when both the wives of the person came in front of each other. However, it was surprising that both the wives decided to spend life together with the same person and divided their husband.

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husband divided with sautan

Double Marriage Case UP : Before the disclosure of the matter, both the wives were unknown to each other. When this whole matter came to light, the panchayat sat in the village. Both the women said that she does not want to go to court and wants to spend the rest of her life with her husband. In such a situation, both the women themselves suggested to the panchayat that she would be happy with her husband for three days. Let us tell you that after leave from both the wives, he will stay with his parents on Sunday.

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