Pariksha Pe Charcha: PM Modi said – Treat the exam like a festival, whether online or offline, the mind should be in the bus

New Delhi | Pariksha Pe Charcha: Prime Minister Narendra Modi interacted with the students going to appear in the board examinations this year in the 5th edition of ‘Pariksha Pe Charcha’ program today. During this, PM Modi easily settled the apprehensions about the examinations and studies in the minds of the children. In this program held at Talkatora Stadium in Delhi, students interacted directly with PM Modi.

Treat exams like a festival
Pariksha Pe Charcha: In his dialogue, Prime Minister Modi told today’s generation that there is no need to panic about the examination. All of you are not giving the exam for the first time, even before this you have passed many exams and have reached here, now you are close to reaching the shore by moving ahead from the sea of ​​​​examination. Therefore, do not panic about the examination, rather it should be celebrated as a festival. April is the month of festivals, as well as examinations. Therefore, students should make examinations as their festival.

Let us tell you that PM Modi addressed 1000 children of class 9th to 12th at Talkatora Stadium in Delhi. Along with the children, their parents and teachers also participated in the ‘Pariksha Pe Charcha’ program.

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Our attention keeps wandering in online studies… PM Modi said in response
In the program, the question of the students was that, for the last two years, we have been studying online, due to which we got into the habit of watching online games and videos. In such a situation, now our attention keeps wandering. What do we do ? The answer to this question was also given by the Prime Minister so easily that all the people and students present there started listening with concentration. The PM said that, when you study online, you (read) or watch (reel). Many times you will not be able to concentrate even in class and your mind will be somewhere else. In such a situation, if there is no mind, then listening stops. So the medium is not the problem but the mind is the problem. The medium may be online or offline but if my mind is on that side then it doesn’t matter for you online or offline. The medium also keeps on changing according to the time.

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