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Paraglider entangled with high tension line at the time of landing, pilot and woman’s life saved like this, watch shocking VIDEO – The Fact

A major accident was averted in Mathura, Uttar Pradesh. Here the paraglider got entangled with the high tension line at the time of landing. Due to which a woman was sitting with the pilot in the paraglider, but due to lack of light at the time of the accident, an untoward incident was averted. A video of this incident has also surfaced. Which is now going viral on social media.

In fact, the whole matter is related to Sakarva area of ​​police station Govardhan. Here the paraglider of a private company was flying in the air. Meanwhile, during the sudden landing, the paraglider got entangled in the high tension wire and fell on the middle of the road. Although there was no current in the high tension line at that time, the lives of the people were saved.

In the middle of the road, due to an accident, the entire traffic got affected. The situation of jam remained for hours. It is being told that the para glider of the private company was flying without permission. This accident happened due to the mistake of the pilot. People are also commenting on the viral video of the incident.

Shubham Bangwal

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