Pandemic returned in Mumbai

Mumbai, The corona epidemic has once again returned in the most affected Maharashtra affected by Corona. On Tuesday, about 190 new cases were found in Maharashtra and more than 12 hundred new cases were found in the country’s financial capital Mumbai. The rate of corona infection in Mumbai has exceeded seven percent. Epidemic experts believe that it is a matter of concern to have an infection rate above five percent. The infection rate in Mumbai has been above five percent for the last several days.

The maximum number of cases have been found in Mumbai in the last four months. On Tuesday, 1,242 new cases of corona were reported in Mumbai and the infection rate rose to 7.24 percent. The number of active cases of corona has reached 5,974. It is worth noting that due to less cases, testing has been reduced. Only then, despite the high infection rate, the number of infected is low. Earlier on January 28, 1,312 cases were reported.

As far as the whole of Maharashtra is concerned, on Tuesday, 1,881 new cases of corona were reported in the state. However, no one has died of corona in the state. Earlier on June 6, 676 cases of corona were reported in Mumbai and the infection rate was 9.80 percent. After this there was a slight decrease in the infection rate but the number of cases doubled. 198 new cases of Kovid-19 were reported in Thane district of Maharashtra.

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