Pakistan engulfed in economic crisis, petrol prices increased by more than Rs 84 in last 20 days

Price of one liter of petrol in Pakistan Rs 233.89, diesel price increased by Rs 16.31 to Rs 263.31 per liter

These days, the economic condition of Bharar’s neighboring country Pakistan is very bad. The price of one liter of petrol in Pakistan has gone up to Rs 233.89. In Pakistan, which is facing economic crisis, the price of petrol has been increased by Rs 24 per liter in a day. At the same time, the price of diesel has increased by Rs 16.31 to Rs 263.31 per liter. The Pakistani government announced this on Wednesday. This is the third such increase in petrol prices in Pakistan in the last 20 days. Addressing a press conference in Islamabad, the Finance Minister of Pakistan said that the new prices have come into effect from the midnight of June 15.

Apart from petrol, the price of kerosene will increase by Rs 29.49 to Rs 211.43. The price of light diesel will increase by Rs 29.16 to Rs 207.47. Finance Minister Ismail said the government has no option but to take into account the effect of international prices on consumers in Pakistan. Our country is still suffering a loss of Rs 24.03 in petrol, Rs 59.16 in diesel, Rs 29.49 in kerosene and Rs 29.16 in light diesel oil. He said that the government is spending Rs 120 billion on petrol subsidy. He said, ‘I have been watching the country for 30 years but I have never seen such a situation due to inflation.’ The Pakistani government has increased petrol prices by more than Rs 84 per liter in the last 20 days. Citing another reason for the increase in the prices of petroleum products, the minister said that the international price of petrol was $120 per litre.

Let us tell you that the prices of food items are increasing continuously in Pakistan going through difficult economic situation. Meanwhile, Pakistan has now urged its citizens to reduce the use of tea. The Pakistani government recently imposed a two-month ban on imports of 41 items to reduce its import cost. However, the import ban did not add much to the exchequer. This has helped Pakistan in reducing its import bill by about 60 crores 60 lakhs.

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