Pakistan again raised Kashmir issue in UN, India showed its position in ‘reply’

India made it clear that before speaking on Jammu and Kashmir, Pakistan should stop ‘cross-border terrorism’ from Islamabad.

Indian Chief Ambassador Mijito Vinito

Image Credit source: ANI

India in the United Nations General Assembly Pakistan has been answered in his own style. During this, India said, before making false allegations on India, Pakistan should see the condition of its country. India made it clear that Jammu and Kashmir But before speaking, Pakistan has to ‘cross the border from Islamabad’ terrorism‘ must be stopped. Indian Chief Ambassador Mijito Vinito said this from the side of India. He has used ‘Right of Reply’ in the United Nations General Assembly for this answer. Vinito said, ‘When thousands of women from the Dalit community are deliberately abducted in Pakistan, what can we conclude on such mentality. ‘

He further said, ‘It is very sad that the Prime Minister of Pakistan has used this platform to make false allegations against India. He did this so that he could cover up the incidents happening in his country, and justify his behavior against India which is not acceptable to the whole world. He also slammed Pakistan on terrorism and said, “A country that claims that it wants peace with its neighbours, will never sponsor cross-border terrorism nor give shelter to the planners of the Mumbai terror attack.” Will give.’

Earlier Pakistan had leveled wrong allegations against India

Prior to this reply, Pakistan Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif said here on Friday that Pakistan wants peace with all its neighbors including India, but lasting peace and stability in South Asia depends on a proper and permanent solution to the Kashmir issue. Addressing a high-level session of the United Nations General Assembly, Sharif claimed that India’s “illegal and unilateral” move on August 5, 2019 to change the special status of Jammu and Kashmir has further undermined the prospects of peace and regional Tension has flared up.

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He said, we want peace with all our neighbors including India. Permanent peace and stability in South Asia depends on a proper and permanent solution to the Jammu and Kashmir issue. Sharif said, I think this is the right time when India should clearly understand the message that both the countries are armed with weapons. War is not an option. Only peaceful dialogue can solve these issues so that the world becomes more peaceful in the times to come.


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