Pakistan: A case of gross negligence of medical staff came to the fore in the neighboring country, the newborn’s head was cut off and left in the mother’s womb.

Government constitutes a Medical Board of Inquiry to trace the culprits

A shocking case has come to light in Pakistan. Giving an example of gross negligence by the medical staff, the medical personnel cut off the head of the newborn and left it in the mother’s womb. This negligence of the employees put the life of a 32-year-old Hindu woman in danger. The Sindh government is also surrounded by this incident. To protect his reputation, the government has constituted a Medical Board of Inquiry to trace the culprits.

Professor Raheel Sikandar, head of the gynecology unit at Liaquat University of Medical and Health Sciences (LUMHS) in Jamshoro, said, “A Bhil Hindu woman lives in a remote village in Tharparkar district. She had earlier gone to the Rural Health Center (RHC) in her area, but no gynecologist was available. The inexperienced staff present there started his treatment, due to which he suffered a lot.

He told that the RHC staff started the operation of the woman on Sunday. During this, he cut off the head of the newborn and left it in the womb. The woman’s condition deteriorated and she was taken to a nearby hospital, but no treatment was available. The family eventually brought her to LUMHS where the baby’s head was removed from the woman’s womb and she survived.

Professor Sikandar said, ‘The head of the child was stuck in the mother’s womb. There were also injury marks on the mother’s uterus. To save the life of the woman, the child’s head was removed after an abdominal operation. This terrible mistake has raised questions on the health services in Sindh. Juman Bahoto has been ordered to investigate the matter separately. The committee will investigate the matter of non-availability of female doctor in RHC. According to some reports, the medical staff took pictures of the woman and also made videos. The team will also look into this. Zoom said some staff members took pictures of the woman in the gynecological ward and shared them in various WhatsApp groups.

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