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Pair ki edi ka fatna : Cracking of the heels is a common thing, but this problem often occurs in the winter season. By the way, cracking of heels can happen in any season and can happen to people of any age. There are many remedies for torn ankles, which can easily get rid of this problem. Most of the women are very worried about cracked ankles. Due to the cracking of the ankles, there is a lot of dryness in the heels.

Today, through this article, we tell how the heel of the foot can be prevented. Along with this, the cause of the heel of the foot (Pair ki edi ke fatne ka karan), the treatment of the heel of the foot (Pair ki edi fatne ka ilaj), how to prevent the heel of the foot, see the solution here.

Why does the heel of the foot crack (Pair ki edi kyon fatti hai)

Cracked Feet (Concept Photo – Social Media)

Cracking of the heel of the foot is normal, but it is often a common thing that causes a lot of trouble. Due to cracking of the heel, it becomes very dry. Mostly this pair ki edi ka fatna starts in the winter season. Sometimes this cracking of the heel also happens due to not taking care of the feet. Sometimes this problem also occurs due to wearing shoes without slippers.

Pair ki edi ke fatne ka karan

Often people would have heard about cracking heels. There are many reasons for cracked heels. Lack of moisture in the heels of the feet, reduced milk intake, walking more barefoot, not taking proper care of the feet, sometimes standing for a long time, lack of calcium in the body, eating green leafy vegetables The heel of the foot starts cracking even after reducing the intake. Even in old age, the heels crack more.

Home remedies for cracked heels (Pair ki edi ke fatne ka Gharelu Upay)

coconut oil

Coconut Oil (Concept Photo – Social Media)

Applying coconut oil on cracked heels proves to be very beneficial. This will help a lot in cracked heels. Coconut oil is easily available in everyone’s homes.


Applying Vaseline to Cracked Heel (Concept Photo – Social Media)

The best and easiest way is to apply Vaseline on cracked heels. Let us tell you that the moisturizer in Vaseline would have been very good, due to which your cracked ankles get a lot of relief. This reduces the stiffness in the heels.

Olive oil

Massaging with olive oil on cracked heels proves to be very beneficial. Applying olive oil at bedtime every night reduces the cracking in the heels. Most people’s heels crack during the winter season. Applying olive oil will make your heels as soft as before.


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