Optiminastic Media : One Of India’s Fastest Growing Digital Marketing Agency

Optiminastic Media, one of India’s fastest growing digital marketing agency is doing an Instagram Live on Sunday’s at 9 pm with comics improvisers called ‘Improvaholics’.

‘Improvaholics’ as the name suggest is done by people who have the world’s best addiction- the addiction of improv. It’s basically scenes made up on the spot based on the suggestions of the people who are watching the live.
Here is how it works; The 4 improvisers- Tanmay Sawant, Stuti Arya, Aaryan Kadri and Anind Mathur go live on Optiminastic Media Instagram page. Tanmay is the host of the show who interacts with the crowd and gets their suggestions for the scene from the comments. The suggestions can be anything to help the improvisers start off. It can be a public place where people might meet and socialize, let’s say a restaurant. Taking this prompt, they make up a scene on the spot establishing a made-up restaurant in the scene.

We asked Tanmay Sawant – the host of Improvaholics and also currently working at Optiminastic Media as a Content Strategist. This is what he had to say about the show “Well, it’s quite fun if nothing else. It’s an improvisational show where 4 improvisers including myself gather together online and create a scene which is completely made up on the spot based on the audience suggestion. I love to interact with the audience and get their crazy suggestions. It’s a two-way street where without their suggestions we cannot start the scene. It’s highly involved and a fun experience for everyone. It’s completely unpredictable as even we don’t know what our next line might be”.

We have always been a fan of improv and it certainly means a lot to the improvisers too. ‘What is improv for you?’ We asked all the other improvisers of the show and their replies were beautiful.

Stuti Arya :- “Improv is like an adventure sport, you get an adrenaline rush and then you get addicted. It has helped me expand my abilities as a performing artist. Improvising has taught me to be a good listener, and be spontaneous and genuine at the same time, not just while on stage but also in the world outside of it.”

Anind Mathur :- “Improv is the closest I’ve ever been to the experience of being thrown in the pool as a kid and trusting your instincts to help you swim. You need to keep adding to your attempts in order to find something that’d keep you afloat. I still can’t swim but I can do ‘Yes And’ so let’s see how far I get with that.”

Aaryan Kadri :- “When I act and react and act on the basis of this reaction somehow the magic of improv plays it’s game. When we think at the top of our mind our instincts kick in bringing truth in comedy whether we are playing caricatures or voices of reason. Somewhere in the middle of exploring narratives and building characters on the spot we even discover our own self and making us a good creator and an even better listener.”

We desperately need a quick dose of laughter during these unprecedented times and something like this is a quick way to improve everyone’s mood. We are certainly going to be there on Optiminastic’s Insta Live, this Sunday at 9 pm and be a part of this super fun show. Hope to see you all there too.

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