‘Operation Lotus’ will also happen in Jharkhand

JMM and Congress leaders running the government in Jharkhand have lost their sleep. There have been two developments which have given sleepless nights to the leaders of both the parties. The first incident is from Maharashtra. There, the Shiv Sena, which is running the government out of the coalition of three parties, has broken down and about two-thirds of its MLAs have rebelled. If BJP’s ‘Operation Lotus’ is successful in Maharashtra, then this operation will happen in Jharkhand too. There is little chance of break in JMM running the government in Jharkhand, but many MLAs of its ally Congress are already in touch with BJP and just as in Maharashtra after two attempts, it has succeeded in the third time, in the same way two failed in Jharkhand. There have been efforts. There may be a third attempt in the next few days.

The second event is to make a tribal president. The BJP has nominated Draupadi Murmu from the Santhal tribal community of Odisha, who was the governor of Jharkhand, as its presidential candidate. They are sure to win. With this one decision, BJP has changed its image of being anti-tribal. The tribal MLAs of Jharkhand will also have no problem in going with the BJP now. Keep in mind that in the last election, BJP had won 25 seats, out of which only two tribals won. Later, with the joining of Babulal Marandi, the number of its tribal MLAs increased to three. By making the first non-tribal chief minister, the image of BJP had become anti-tribal, which will change now.

That is why the round of speculation has started in Jharkhand from now on. Congress MLAs had come to Delhi on Wednesday on the call of the party high command, but discussions started in the state that they would meet BJP leaders in Delhi. However, a situation of ‘Operation Lotus’ not being successful is being created that a by-election is being held in a seat in the state, on which the Congress has a strong chance of winning. If Congress wins, then its number of MLAs will increase and then it will be a little more difficult to break two-thirds of its MLAs.

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