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Oops! Modi’s rule is making India a country of slanderers, traitors, corrupt, useless, power-loving and fearful!

Narendra Modi and Amit Shah don’t care. If it were, it would have flashed so much in their mind that what are they making India into? What do they know how shameless, characterless they have made the politics of Hindus in eight years? To what extent has India fallen? They are making those people role models in the country and society, who sell faith in the corruptions of slanderers, defectors, liars, power-takers and slaves and hungry effects. Yes, I was upset on Friday when I heard that Wow! Wow, listen people of India, ‘Azad’ has become Ghulam Nabi! How Modi-Amit Shah, with their slave media, are making such persons glorified in the country, who expose the historical truth of Indians and especially Hindus that no one knows from us Hindus to sell faith! What has been done by the Sangh Parivar for ninety years, which could not even inculcate the understanding and culture in Modi and Amit Shah that loyalty, faith are the first requirement of the community and the country to survive. Has the power corrupted the intellect of the Sangh and the BJP enough to create a national felicitation for the bargainers of loyalty and faith?

Accordingly, the country, society and politics had to declare Ghulam Nabi Azad as untouchable. I believe that Muslims are loyal to the sacrament. If a prophet is made in them from childhood through religion, then loyalty and faith (whether it is of religion or in ease of behavior) is confirmed. Therefore, in my opinion, the dishonesty shown by Ghulam Nabi Azad after consuming the cream of power from the Gandhi family for forty five years is a shameful hallmark of the community, politics and society. For such a slave prophet, should there be propaganda or spit of thu-thu?

But for eight years, Modi-Shah has made such a slogan in the country and society of the traitors, slanderers, corrupt that the world must have understood that what is this so-called Hindu nation of Hindu dreams?

Certainly Modi-Shah do not know the importance of loyalty. Loyalty for them is for sale. Power ladder. It’s a show. She is a slave to power and politics, a tool. They do not understand that without loyalty, every relationship of man with animals is worse. If someone is not faithful, he will not be trusted. Neither the faith in the relationship of husband and wife nor the loyalty of the soldiers to the country. By not taking oath, the loyalty of citizens, officers, ministers to the country, community and duty. Think, if the entire system of the country becomes of the slackers, traitors, jaichands, Mir Jafars, then what is left of that country, that community? That country is over again.

am i wrong?

Every Hindu (especially the Sangh Parivar) should tie this historical truth to the fact that we have been slaves for thousand years because we have not been loyal to our religion, community and rule. Thousands and five thousand Muslims used to come from across Khyber and rule the throne of Delhi, so the reason used to be there, there was politics which Modi-Shah has been showing to the world for eight years. In the Kali-yuga nature of the Hindus, the character of governance was built in the sellable loyalties of savagery, greed for power. Due to the characteristic deficiencies of horse-trading, power-hungry, valuelessness and fear in political behavior of each other (due to lack of mutual trust in king-princely relations or Hindu politics), Hindus are plundered, spineless and Enslaved. In the politics of Dhananand to Jaichand, Mansingh, Mir Jafar, Jagat Seth, Hindus became such cowardly, cowardly, cultureless that during the war, there were incidents of soldiers shouting in the enemy’s court.

Modi-Shah has made the same Hindu character back as the national religion. Politics with power and money – has made India such a market to buy people that in the democracies of the world, such brazenness will not be seen as seen in Hindus these days. I remember in my childhood, during secondary studies, after the story-story, the question in Hindi used to be to portray the character of such a character in such a story? There used to be education to inculcate values ​​in children, to mold society into values, morality, character stories and lessons and questions to build character. Children were asked, what did they learn from the story? I believe that among the RSS volunteers like Hedgewar, Golwalkar, Deoras, Surdarshan (don’t know what was in the time of Mohan Bhagwat!), Maharana Pratap, Shivaji would have been described as having character because they were not marketable. He preferred to die but was not one to deal with the greed of power, ideas, values.

Then it would not be wrong to assume that the swayamsevak thoughts of Vajpayee’s, Advani, Joshi’s generation were insisting on the character force of loyalty-loyalty to the nation, the community. In his time, he used to talk about BJP’s ‘Party with Difference’ in gait, face, character. The proof of this is also that whatever the Sangh did to the characters like Advani, Joshi, Shanta Kumar during the time of Modi, Shah and Bhagwat, these loyal volunteers sat at home but did not commit ruthlessness. He did not betray the ideas, values, ideals and relationship with the organization as Ghulam Nabi Azad did. Or as Modi and Shah have betrayed thousands of defectors and leaders in the market of power and money. With traitors, Hindus are building the nation and its perceived pride. Congratulating them. Think, calling Pranab Mukherjee great by giving Bharat Ratna and Savarkar or Hedgewar-Golwalkar (if he was a million times more nationalistic, sage-like Hindu thinker-karmayogi than Pranab.) But Modi-Shah live in the market of horse-trading. If so, Ambani, Pranab, Ghulam Nabi Azad will get Padma awards and not Savarkar or Shanta Kumar!

Think, glorifying Ghulam Nabi passionately in Prime Minister Modi’s Parliament, giving him Padma Bhushan and now making him the ideal, standard character of the nation, community with his propaganda media!

I am sorry to portray this characterization of Hindu politics of Modi-Shah. But it is necessary because the conduct of the king is the crest of the ideals or downfall of the nation and the country. The current episode of Ghulam Nabi Azad I was also pained when I saw Congress veteran Narayan Dutt Tiwari being welcomed by Amit Shah at his home. Then I wrote that Amit Shah, Savarkar’s or Tiwari’s? Amit Shah has pictures of Chanakya and Savarkar on the wall in his drawing room. It is making a narrative about him that he is the Chanakya of Modi. Oops! Modern Chanakya! How many Jaichands were produced in eight years? How many Mir Jafars? How many Jagat Seth? How did Dhananandi Raj, who ruthlessly beat taxes, raided the public? He made defection a virtuous act of Hindu culture. He fed the caste in every way. Truth, morality, values, ideas and character allegiances were destroyed in politics. Think, made such a letter to Ghulam Nabi Azad that those who are living in Congress with integrity, are loyal to the party, ideology, leadership in spite of all the adverse circumstances, have made them sycophants and the country has committed treachery, deceit, power-lisp. for exemplary conduct!

Did Chanakya do all this? Is Chanakya’s Hindu political philosophy that if you want to win Jammu and Kashmir, then win the Mufti and sometimes win the province by making Ghulam Nabi Azad as Mir Jafar? The question is also that even if a Hindu becomes the Chief Minister in such an election in Jammu and Kashmir, will it be a permanent victory? Is there a guarantee that even Ghulam Nabi will not have the experience of Mehbooba Mufti? When he could not remain loyal to the Congress, then a Padma Bhushan would be sold to the Sangh Parivar for the rest of his life?

Therefore, what has happened in eight years, and what is happening is a betrayal of Hindu political philosophy, methods, beliefs and character firmness of national contemplation, national character, political character. The power of the so-called Hindu nation is a market for horse-trading. From Chanakya, Savarkar to Surdarshan, the idealism, character values, morality, truth, loyalty, conscientiousness, patriotism of the RSS have not even an inch of insistence in this market for purchase.

One word is purity. This word is the essence of Sanatan Dharma of us Hindus. The generations of Sangh Parivar, Advani, Joshi used to memorize this word among the public and workers. Shuchita means purity, meaning being pure, the state of being pure, qualities and feelings. Cleanliness-purity in living and honesty in politics, transparency, innocence and loyalty to thought-objectives, loyalty. The insistence of purity can be understood from the characterization of the politics of Chanakya and Savarkar. Hindu may have become Kali Yugi, but in spite of this the old people continued to insist on the virtue of purity-cleanliness in politics. The Prime Minister recently told the Red Fort that political correctness is my mission. Then it is good to defection, to bring down the elected governments from the market of horse-trading, to sell the entire Hindu politics, to make them powerless, is it not to sabotage the conduct, rituals, character requests of 140 crore Hindus? What has Narendra Modi made India in eight years? He has sweep the road of cleanliness campaign but has made the country’s politics into a toilet of dirt and stink!

am i wrong? Every Hindu, every volunteer of the Sangh or the devotees who send Chanakya’s utterances every morning, should think with their hands on their heart that what is this idealism of the Hindu Rashtra of Modi-Shah, which are the drums of praising Ghulam Nabi! What is it that is most revered unpunished! Defective-corrupt-power is believed to be nation building from greedy people! Contrary to the oath, the raids of corrupt officers sold only in the greed of posting have become the honesty of the country! Eliminating the opponents is the welfare of the nation! It is patriotism and nationalism to label one’s own citizens as Pakistanis, to label anti-nationals, to incite people to civil war on the streets!

Shubham Bangwal

Shubham Bangwal is a Senior Journalist at You can follow him on Twitter @sb_0fficial
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