On the farewell of Rajya Sabha members, Naqvi said – we are not enemies, best wishes to all…

New Delhi | Rajya Sabha Members Nakwi: Today more than 70 members have been given farewell in Rajya Sabha. During the farewell, BJP leader Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi said on Thursday that people in the House can be opposed to each other’s views but are not each other’s enemies. Shri Naqvi said in the farewell ceremony of the members that everyone has contributed in the operation of the house and nation building. He said that we are not each other’s enemies. Whatever differences we have with each other and regarding work and mannerisms. But nation building is everyone’s contribution.

Easiest to meet PM Modi

Rajya Sabha Members Nakwi: Shri Naqvi said that it is easiest to meet Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Many members of the opposition believe this and they have this experience too. Any member can meet the Prime Minister at any time regarding his area or personal problem. He said that PM Modi is a sensitive person and he always has time to listen to everyone.

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best wishes to members

Rajya Sabha Members Nakwi: Shri Naqvi congratulated all the retiring members and said that everyone has made an important contribution in the building of the society and the nation. He said that it is my most hope that wherever he is, he will continue to contribute in the construction of the country. Let us tell you that after the results of the assembly elections, now the Congress will snatch the status of the main opposition in the Rajya Sabha after the Lok Sabha.

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