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Omron Virus Update : New cases of corona virus are at record levels, hospitals are filling up Epidemiologists are surprisingly in agreement that the latest omicron variant of corona virus (Corona Virus New Variant omicron) is very bad. But the truth is it could have been worse. As the cases have increased, the deaths have not increased much. Omicron Virus infection is highly contagious, but not as serious as older variants. But this good luck may not last. Epidemiologists who were heaving a sigh of relief at the relatively low mortality rate of Omicron virus symptoms, are now speculating that the next variant or lineage may be very bad. WHO is also saying the same thing that the more Omicron spreads, the more likely a new dangerous variant will be created.

Omicron virus not harmful

Omicron is highly contagious and it is dodging vaccine-borne immunity. Vaccine people are getting infected but mild. After infection, this variant does not even cause serious damage to the lungs. This is a good thing but it is also a fact that the virus keeps changing itself for its survival. This means that it will become more infectious, dodge the antibody and cause more serious disease. Two of these three aspects – high infectivity and dodge antibodies – are involved in Omicron. Now all these three things can happen in the next variant, it is completely feared.

A variant has also been found in France

According to University of South Florida scientist Edwin Michael, as far as the mutation of the virus is concerned, it may be at a very negligible rate but its consequences can also be very broad. . In such a situation, what if an infectious variant like Omicron and fatal to the lungs like Delta comes? A variant has also been found in France in which more mutations have occurred than Omicron. Research is still being done on this and WHO has also taken cognizance of it.

There are 42 mutations in the variant

Omicron raised the alarm in health agencies around the world in late November after the first cases were reported by officials in South Africa. Compared to the older lineage, Omicron has about 50 major changes, 30 of which are on the spike protein, which helps the virus take over our cells. The ‘ihu’ variant found in France has 42 mutations.

Vaccination of more people in the shortest possible time

Some mutations are linked to a virus’s ability to evade antibodies and thus partially escape vaccines. The rest are associated with high infectivity. The genetic makeup of the variant has led to a huge increase in vaccination as well as an increased rate of infection. As far as the solution is concerned, the experts say the same thing – Vaccination of maximum number of people in the shortest possible time. As long as people remain untouched by the vaccine, they are at risk of infection and when the infection spreads so will the mutation. In what form that mutation will come out, it cannot be said, so to avoid any terrible situation, all the vaccine producing countries will have to come together and handle the situation.


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